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m8bet angpau have various laser cutting machine for shoes industry. Nowadays, fly knitting vamp is more and more popular due to it's comfortable and breathability.For the smart produce, we have a laser solution for you!

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CCD series laser cutting machine, equipped with cameral automatic capturing & positioning system, is used for cutting woven labels, printed labels, rubber labels, silkscreen printed labels...

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m8bet angpau laser engraving & cutting machine has been applied into the advertising industry, with high accuracy, fast speed, smooth incision, narrow kerf and exact curve fitting. It is suitable for cutting acrylic materials, advertising LOGO inlay, precision machining, engraving duotone breast plate, enterprise licensing agent, licensing authority and medal. With beautiful effect and low cost, it can save man hours and realize perfect combination of engraving and cutting in the advertising industry. 

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m8bet angpau laser takes the lead in this industry by virtue of individualized operation platform, advanced DSP digital control technology, convenient USB data transmission applications and other advanced technologies.

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m8bet angpau laser marking equipment can be perfectly applied into the industry of arts & crafts made from a variety of materials, such as bamboo & wooden crafts including chopsticks and writing brushes; gifts, greeting cards; gold & silver jewelry, trinkets, wine box, etc.

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At present, food and beverage industry require marking brand, nutrition information and shelf life on products. The m8bet angpau laser solution can help the industry obtain fast and efficient laser marking with low cost.

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Laser application has been known as the best mode in the leather shoemaking industry instead of traditional handicraft. m8bet angpau laser equipment can quickly engrave, cut and hollow out all kinds of patterns on various leather materials, and also can conduct engraving of non-penetrating blind slot to obtain the diversified magical patterns with different depths, different textures, obvious levels and color transition, which greatly enriches traditional processing techniques and styles.

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There are many kinds of laser applications in the metal processing industry, mainly including laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding. From the development and application of laser processing technology in the world, more and more users in metal material processing industry have realized the unique and excellent performance and high efficiency of laser processing.

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Making the building model by laser technology has incomparable advantages. You can draw the image of building model via CAD and other drawing programs, import it into m8bet angpau laser control software, and then cut accurately with the laser cutting machine. The cutting process controlled by the computer shows high flexibility and the cutting line is accurate and smooth.